How to Use Set Starter Interval Training Timer

Set Starter interval training timer features an easy set-up system and a user-friendly design.


interval training timer


Set Starter interval training timer features an easy set-up system and a user-friendly design. The timer is designed to fit comfortably on either thumb, with the start button strategically located for same-hand, index-finger activation.


Choosing a desire time is quick and easy. One click ensures activation and colored LEDs confirm your settings. The repeat feature allows continuous timed alerts ideal for intervals/circuit training, track 30/30 drills, planks/isometrics or any equal-activity/equal-rest techniques.


Once programmed, press the START button with the same hand index finger and Set Starter will vibrate and flash when the time is up. Set Starter keeps you on schedule and lets you get the most out of your workout – and it does it in a way that works for you, incorporating sound, visual cues or touch, whatever you prefer.


We’ve designed Set Starter to make it easy to use, highly effective and quick to program and set. Just a couple of clicks and the timer is set and ready to go. Getting through an interval training workout has never been easier or more fun.


Ready to get started? Here’s how to program Set Starter and get going in just a couple of minutes.


Step 1: Turn it on using the on/off button

The button is located on the bottom right of the device and is clearly marked. Just press ON/OFF to power up.


Step 2: Press “TIME” to choose your interval (anywhere between 10 seconds and 5 minutes)

Press the TIME button to select your timing interval. Stop when you arrive at your desired interval. The offered intervals are in sequence. A red LED indicates 15, 30, 45, 60 and 90 seconds, while a green LED indicates 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 minutes. It’s so easy that it can be done even in darkness because the red and green LED’s and their locations will guide you.


If you want longer intervals, such as 9 minutes, you can choose 5 minutes for your 1st interval and 4 minutes for your 2nd interval. For longer lengths of time, like 15 minutes, choose 5 minutes and press REPEAT. Allow for 3 alerts to reach the 15 minutes. Any number of timed intervals can be achieved by combining the offered intervals.

Step 3: Select repeat if you would like to create recurring alerts

The light next to the REPEAT button on the interval training timer will light up when the repeat feature is enabled. While in REPEAT mode, simply press START once and Set Starter will provide up to 100 consecutive alerts. To stop the timer, press and hold START for 2 seconds or press ON/OFF. (no programming can be done when the timer is actively timing)

Step 4: Press start to activate the interval training timer.

At the end of each set or the beginning of your next interval, press the start button – if you are not using the REPEAT button to create recurring alerts.


Step 5: Begin your workout


Step 6: Turn off when you are finished with your workout!


Some things to keep in mind

The Set Starter timer requires one CR 1025 battery to operate. There is already one inside the device, plus and extra battery is provided. Batteries can be ordered on Amazon and are very reasonably priced. Replacement requires a micro, Phillips head screw driver and can be done in a minute or two.


Order your Set Starter interval training device today and experience the difference it makes to your fitness workouts, or  download the user manual here.