A Revolutionary Interval Training Device

Set Starter is a small, multi-use interval training timer created for a variety of fitness and training activities. Whether you’re a professional athlete or just somebody who wants to keep in shape, Set Starter can make the entire process a lot easier and more convenient.




No Engineering Degree Required

Unlike expensive watches that are complicated and require a manual, Set Starter is simple and easy to use. Convenient, one-touch operation lets you focus on your workout without having to stop and re-program the device. In addition, non-visual cues like beeps and vibrations let you know when you need to start and stop your intervals or rest periods.


How It Works

Set Starter offers ten preset timing intervals. 10, 15, 20, 30, and 45  seconds are indicated by the location of a flashing, RED LED, while 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 minutes are indicated by the location of a flashing, GREEN LED. Press the TIME button to scroll through the timing intervals and stop at your chosen time.


Set Starter offers both a vibration and LED alert that make it ideal in any training environment. The vibration is 2 quick pulses and is easily detected and unmistakable.


While in REPEAT mode, simply press START once to allow up to 100 continuous alerts. This allows you to maintain focus of your training while Set Starter manages time.


Whether timing rest between sets, or timing a training activity (or both), athletes can rely on Set Starter for convenient, low impact timing – one touch, non-visual operation!


Maximize Workout Effectiveness

More results in less time. Science supports it: accurately monitoring rest periods or timed intervals builds muscle and burns fat while increasing fitness and endurance. For example, a properly timed rest period can increase the production of growth hormone and testosterone. On the other hand, resting for too long can end up reducing the effectiveness and intensity of your workouts. Using Set Starter, you can ensure you’re resting for the optimal amount of time so you can make the most out of every workout.


Individualized Training

For team sports, we often rely on a coach or trainer to perform certain timed training methods. With Set Starter, the athlete and the timer can be one and the same. Non-visual cues allow you to maintain focus and intensity and prompt you to start or stop active training. Track 30/30’s, jumping and speed drills, planks, stretching, HIIT… Set Starter allows you to gain an edge on your competition and make the most of the off season and any extra training.


Muscle Confusion

Doing the same workout over and over can get boring. Even worse, your muscles can get used to it and you will no longer see the same type of results, even if you’re still putting 100 percent into the workout.


One way to provide variety is to shorten or lengthen intervals during workouts. Muscle confusion keeps the body from getting conditioned to a set routine. By periodically changing rest period/interval times, Set Starter allows you to create different levels of stress on muscles and achieve the ultimate goal of muscle confusion. This in turn helps the muscle work at its maximum capacity, ensuring excellent results every time you exercise.


Increased Self-Development

Want to feel better? Increasing your fitness level will do the trick. Health and wellness tend to have a “trickle down” effect. Focusing on your overall health by improving your fitness and energy can benefit other areas of your life, such as your career and family.


Having trouble sleeping? Get fitter and lose weight and you’ll find that you sleep better and feel well-rested.


Fitness also has a significant impact on how you feel and your level of happiness. In fact, experts believe that fit people might be happier than those who don’t exercise regularly. Why? Well, for starters, regular exercise helps balance out hormones, improves your immune system and fight stress — all components of a healthy body and mind.


Order your Set Starter interval timing device today and experience the difference it makes to your health.