Take Your Training To The Next Level

Maintain the pace and intensity of your workout with a Set Starter and start seeing desired results quickly.


Maintain Workout Focus

Make the most of your workouts, maximize efficiency and maintain focus with consistent rest periods. Set Starter was designed to monitor rest time between successive sets of exercise to produce optimum results and interval training benefits. Interval training is supported by science: intense exercise followed by short periods of rest builds muscle, improves fitness & endurance and burns more fat.


Maximize Workout Efficiency By Staying On Task

Set Starter is simple – no complicated setup or ultra-sophisticated features. It does what you need it to do – eliminates distractions and keeps your workout on track. Set Starter fits comfortably on your thumb without interference and uses same-hand, index-finger activation. With vibration and LED alerts – you don’t have to keep glancing over as you do with a stopwatch. You can stay focused on your workout or training exercise. Get the most from your training using the repeat feature to alert at the desired interval without having to reset the timer each time.


Consistent Workout Rest Periods 

Set Starter is ideal for timing the activity or round – lifting, jumping, running, pulling, pushing. It times both rest and activity. The repeat feature is perfect for performing work/rest related training like Tabata, HIIT, CrossFit, Run/Walk, Track 30/30’s, planks, kettlebell, weightlifting, cycling sprints, Fartlek training, jumping drills, stretching… or any timed activity.