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Critics are raving about Set Starter interval training timer. In fact, we have been featured in a number of publications and received many unsolicited reviews by true fans that also happen to be some of the most important voices in fitness today.


The TODAY Show recently reviewed five gadgets to help you get fit faster — and Set Starter was one of them. During the segment, SHAPE Magazine’s Bahar Takhtehchian explained how Set Starter worked and talked about the convenience (no need to keep checking your watch) and benefits of using the timer to track your workout.


SHAPE Magazine also featured a full page article on Set Starter as a hot gadget for those who want an easy way to track their interval training. Another point they liked? The REPEAT feature that activates continuous alerts – ideal for 1 to 1 ratio work/recover training.


The blog Fitness Galore often reviews wearable technology gadgets — and Set Starter was one of them. Experts at the blog raved about how easy the timer was to use and how much they liked that it didn’t require a “dictionary-size booklet of not-so-easy to read instructions.”  They also praised Set Starter’s compact size and convenience, especially the fact that it offers both visual (lights) and non-visual cues like vibrations and beeps.


Set Starter was also mentioned as one of the hot “gadgets to try out in 2014” on is the website of the Livestrong Foundation, which helps support cancer survivors. The reviewer pointed out how convenient the device was and then ask a circuit-training aficionado to weigh in. She called the timer “by far my new favorite training tool” and emphasized the convenience of using it for both indoor and outdoor workouts. Of their “TOP 10 Health Tools for 2014” Set Starter came in at #3.


England’s US Fitties, which reviews all kinds of fitness equipment, gave Set Starter 4 STARS. “By putting an interval timer in such a small package, and offering such a handy (pun intended) place to locate it, the people behind Set Starter are clearly looking to take a chunk out of the market dominated by much larger units and various smartphone apps.”


Click on the links to read the full reviews and to find more information about why Set Starter is becoming a favorite among the fitness elite. Whether you’re just starting out or looking for something to make your regular workout a little more exciting – and a lot easier to track – Set Starter can get you on the right track.