See the Interval Training Timer in Action


Want to actually see what the SetStarter interval training timer can do for you?


Ready to see Set Starter in action? Mainly, Set Starter is used to monitor rest between sets of exercise and/or to time a variety of training activities. We’ve heard from a lot of happy customers on other ways they’ve used their Set Starter, but these 3 videos will provide some insight on how it can help you reach your fitness goals. Here’s a brief description of what each video showcases:


Video 1: Interval Training Timer


In video #1, Set Starter is used to time rope intervals. You can focus on form and technique and a vibration alert will end the round. No need to glance at a clock every few seconds. Use the REPEAT feature and your fitness partner starts his or her round when your ends – then repeat for several rounds. You’re working while your partner rests and visa-versa.


You’ll also see Set Starter and kettlebell training. If you’ve ever used a kettlebell, you know that wearing a watch is not ideal. A watch can be damaged by a kettlebell as it rotates around the hand and it can be painful. Set Starter’s placement on the thumb does not interfere and does not compromise grip.


Interval Training Timer


Video #2: Set Starter Testimonial Video


Video #2 covers the importance of recovery time and how Set Starter can be programmed to meet your fitness objectives. Whether you goal is to add strength, power or endurance, Set Starter can be programmed to help you get there. For example, building power and strength requires more weight, less reps and longer recovery between sets. Focusing on muscle tone and endurance require less weight, more reps and less rest between sets. Set Starter was specifically designed to help you reach your fitness goals, whatever they may be.


For trainers, wearable technology like Set Starter offers another advantage. It allows them to keep their eyes on their client’s form and technique and not on a watch.


Set Starter Testimonial Video


Video #3: Easiest to Use Video


The last video talks about another great advantage of Set Starter and how easy it is to use. For example, trainers can take advantage of the timer to do workouts that are equal part rest and activity. That means the timer can be set to alert you every 30 seconds. With this 1 to 1 ratio, you can exercise at a high intensity for 30 seconds, followed by 30 seconds of low intensity or rest and repeat. You can also do 2 to 1 and 3 to 1 ratio training.


According to the trainer on the video, the vibration feature is particularly useful for high-intensity sets like speed intervals on a stationary bike or treadmill or for the Run/Walk program. Unlike a beep that may be confused with someone wearing a device nearby, there’s no mistaking the vibration, plus it allows you to listen to music and not miss an alert.


Curious? Click on the links to listen to the testimonials and see actual users reviewing Set Starter.


Easiest to Use Video