Hear What Athletes Say About Setstarter


Set Starter is a small, multi-use interval training timer created for a variety of fitness/training activities.


I purchased a Set Starter when it first came out and the results I had seen from my workout regimen was pretty remarkable. Unfortunately, I decided that I would try to go it without Set Starter. BIG MISTAKE! I went back to Set Starter to time my intervals again and I could not get through my workout as I was doing in the past. I couldn't believe that I had taken a big step back by not timing my intervals with Set Starter. I have since gone back to using Set Starter and hopefully I can get to where I was in the past and start progressing again. Lesson Learned!

—Bill Drago

“Just used it tonight for a 30 minute interval session - I love it! It is easy to use, simple to feel when in the vibrate mode -  even during plyo jumps. The REPEAT feature makes it great for staying in the zone without having to think. Set Starter gets my "thumbs up!"."


"Set Starter has helped me stay more focused on my clients exercise and form without the distraction of always counting reps. I like that I can use Set Starter without looking down to set/reset a stopwatch and keep my focus right where it matters the most, my clients. My clients love the great workouts I've been giving them with Set Starter. They hear the beep and know when it's time to stop and go! Additionally, it is so comfortable I forget it's on my hand. Thanks, Eric, for creating such a handy little tool."


"The Set Starter is a great tool for keeping track of your intervals and sets. It is durable, I've put it through the paces by using it with my sledge hammer and kettlebell workouts. I also love that it fits on my thumb and doesn't get in the way when I use kettlebells. The vibrate feature works great and because it is on my thumb, it gets my attention. I've tried other timers in the past that I wore on my waist and I couldn't always feel the vibrations. Easy to use and works great!"


"Set Starter is the best workout tool for someone with limited time! As a very frequent traveler with a busy schedule, I rely on Set Starter to help me keep my workouts efficient. Spending 50% of my time on the road, I need to be able to quickly get workouts in whenever I can. With Set Starter I can get in and out of any gym with great results in short amounts of time."


"I used it to help me in my session yesterday and found it to be quite useful. I liked the vibrate alert so I could go straight into my next set efficiently without even keep checking the watch. I also used it to count cadence with a runner today, I did not have to take my eyes off her as I counted her cadence per 15 seconds, just noted the vibrate, love it!!"


"I'm sure that it won't be long before word of mouth hits you hard; rest assured that, once I have fallen for a good product, it's not long before I have badgered colleagues into following suit. I have no doubt that your Set Starter is set to start a new revolution in interval timing; it's so unobtrusive that I wore it most of today at work, arousing some curiosity from co-workers."


I love my new set starter!! It makes time management during a workout practically effortless. Whether I am timing an activity or resting between sets, set starter keeps me moving through my workout and the results are starting to show!! I feel fabulous….


I am very pleased with my Set Starter. I use it for interval workouts, rowing, running, and even my beauty routine. Set Starter is so much easier to use than the timer on my cell phone or my clunky sports watch and the alerts allow me to use Set Starter in a variety of environments. I just program my Set Starter for a specific time interval and use the repeat feature, then I am free to focus on my workout. I use it for rowing training, running splits, and calisthenics intervals. I also use it with a facial beauty tool that requires 10 applications of 3 minutes each - my Set Starter has made keeping track of these intervals a snap. I highly recommend Set Starter!


Since purchasing my set starter, my runs have become much more productive. By using it to manage my run times and recovery times I have increased my speed and endurance at a much more rapid pace than I was before. It has become one of my most important tools in my fitness arsenal and I fully recommend it to anyone looking to improve or to maintain their fitness levels. It's small size and easy interface make it perfect for a number of activities, and their customer service can not be beat. It is definitely money well spent.

—It is definitely money well spent