Who Can Use Set Starter Interval Training Timing Device?


Elite athletes, expert fitness instructors and trainers, exercise enthusiasts, and weekend warriors.


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Elite athletes, expert fitness instructors and trainers, exercise enthusiasts, or weekend warriors… It doesn’t matter which one of those you are, you can use Set Starter to enhance the effectiveness of your training and achieve your fitness goals. Whether timing a training activity, or monitoring rest between sets, or both, time plays a major role in every workout. Set Starter allows you to manage time effectively, so that it’s working in your favor. Set Starter’s non-visual alert encourage you to maintain your desired level of intensity so that you can benefit from a challenging, structured workout every time.


Set Starter and Types of Workouts

Set Starter is perfect for fitness regimens like weight lifting, running, circuit training, isometrics (planks), HIIT, Tabata, Crossfit, jumping and speed drills, stretching, physical therapy… any training that involves timed, active training and/or monitoring rest between sets.


In weight training, most of us are after one of three things: muscle toning/endurance, building muscle mass, or pure power. The amount of weight, reps, and recovery between sets you choose determine the outcome of your training. As a general rule, with muscle toning and endurance you would employ less weight, more reps, and less recovery time between sets. Conversely, with building muscle and power, you would use more weight, less reps and more recovery between sets. There is an ideal level of muscle fatigue that you need to maintain between sets and your Set Starter will monitor that for you.


“Rest periods between sets are often overlooked contributors to the success of any strength training program. Chances are, you are not optimizing this crucial variable.”

Dustin Parsons, B.S.


The same can be said of sprinters and distance running. Sprinters benefit from short bursts of high intensity training with short rest times. For instance, one method for track is the 30/30 drill. Sprint for 30 seconds, jog and recovery for 30 seconds and repeat… Set Starter’s REPEAT feature will alert you every 30 seconds with just one push of the START button. This also benefits reaction time. Distance runners use Fartlek training to improve their endurance. Fartlek is a Swedish term that incorporates “speed bursts” into a distance run. A common Fartlek is 30 seconds. Press START and GO!


HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is very popular right now. Again, short bursts of training activity with very short recovery. This type of training involves a tremendous amount of focus and is very time sensitive. Set Starter’s ease of use takes away the burden of time management during intense training.


Isometrics/planks is another great training method. It involves muscular actions with no visible joint movement. You force your body to stabilize itself in a set position for a specific amount of time.


Stretching is important for people of any age. No more counting with Set Starter. Change your stretch at every alert.


Timing Your Rest Periods

How important is it to time your rest? Just as important as timing your working periods. Without proper rest periods, your muscles will get exhausted and will not be able to perform properly on the next set.


On the other hand, if you rest for too long, your heart rate might drop too low and you will end up burning fewer calories. If your heart rate drops too low, your muscles might start to cool down as well and you run the risk of injury if you try to exercise at the same intensity when your body is not warm enough.


You can ensure you’re getting the right amount of rest during interval training by using Set Starter. Simply set the timer to give you periods of rest and activity and then stop and start every time the timer lets you know it’s time.


Other Uses

Set Starter can be used for more than just regular workouts at the gym. If you’re training outdoors, for example, the distraction of keeping track of time on a watch could actually be dangerous — You’re better off keeping your eyes on the road ahead and on your environment.


Personal trainers and group class teachers can also use Set Starter. Rather than worrying about counting, the timer can be used to guide the trainer at the starting/stopping points throughout the workout session.


There are many more uses for Set Starter and new ones are sure to come. Our goal is to offer convenient time management with little to no impact on the user so that they can focus on the task at hand.


Order your Set Starter interval training device today and experience the difference it makes to your fitness workouts.